About Superdips

with our blends of dehydrated vegetables and herbs


Salt free

(except Super Rub)

Sugar free

(except maple syrup)

Gluten free

MSG free

Superdips offers fine blends of herbs and dried vegetables that are used to make delicious, healthy dips, soups, butters and marinades for meat, chicken and fish.

Recommended for people who take care of their health and love to eat well, these products are available in 29 different blends from which you can create delicious recipes with a tangy and flavorful taste.

First, our herbs and vegetables are passed through the dehydrator. This step helps to retain all the flavor and nutritional properties of the food. The blends are then designed after our delicious, unique and healthy recipes. Each blend is free from sugar, salt, gluten and MSG.

Our mixes can be used for many things: dips, fondue sauces, meat and fish seasonings, dressings, marinades and condiments. It is therefore a very versatile product, 100% natural and with an exceptional taste. It cannot be compared to any other food on the market.

Our target customers are people who want to eat well. We are working hard to create a food that will allow them to achieve their health goals and that fits well with the trend of natural products increasingly available on the shelves.

Over the years, we have developed our own creative process. Our recipes are prepared with care and designed by us with our little secrets but always respecting our criteria of absolute quality. In short, our Super Dips product is unique in its category: a health product, of superior quality, practical, affordable and handmade, entirely by us, in our facilities in Trois-Rivières.

Super Dips,
a story of passion and creativity

The owners of Super Dips, Francine Gaudet and André Morinville, have been in business since 2007.
It was in 2015 that they began producing, manufacturing and distributing the Superdips product, a blend of dehydrated vegetables and herbs, free of salt, sugar, gluten and MSG.
Since that time, they’ve created 29 wonderfully chosen and thoroughly tested flavors to please everyone. For them, marketing different flavors is a real passion. What makes them happy is hearing the comments of people who come to taste their products. They are always surprised how good a healthy product can be.